June 9, 2023

About Us

At UkariaHealth Blog, we are dedicated to ensuring every sick person bounces back to normal. We are not doing what we do to gain recognition and recommendations, but rather to fulfilling the mandate of healing the world.

In other words, we are selfless in saving lives. It disheartens our guts when we see people down with sickness or shattered due to diseases. With no doubt, the results over the years have been overwhelming.

However, this blog is an avenue to achieve the mandate of reaching out to the people of the world through our selfless services. The frequent blog posts on UkariaHealth Blog are targeted at keeping the readers educated while providing treatments for their sickness.

UkariaHealth Blog assures you of genuine, and easy-to-understand information about your health.
Meanwhile, UkariaHealth Blog is owned by an old expert nurse, who has worked with different health organizations and still working with a government-owned hospital/healthcare.

The idea of founding this blog was from her son, a medical practitioner, who saw the need to fulfill its mandate by constant health information and treatments for you through various channels including frequent blog posts.

The owner has trained different people to become nurses including some of her children. With her experiences over the years, she now owns her private healthcare in Western Africa, where she examines her patients closely with her workers (doctors inclusive).